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Frequently asked questions

What are gift card codes?
These are the numbers on the back of gift cards, usually a card number and a pin code. These hold a dollar value to be redeemed at a specific store. In most cases, codes can be used in store and online.

When do I receive my gift card codes?
Codes are displayed and emailed straight after payment. If you have not received your codes, please contact support.

What gift cards do you support?
We aim to support a wide range of cards. If you are after on specific one, please let us know!

The gift card I was going to purchase has disappeared?
The card has most likely been entered into the purchase process, if no payment is made the card will reappear within the hour.

Are your gift cards genuine?
Yes, we source our gift cards directly from the stores.

Why are some gift cards cheap?
We sometimes get discounts for bulk buys or specials. We also like to keep stock moving.

What else can I do with my Nano?
Lots, visit https://nanolinks.info/ for many other options.


About Us

Nanogate.io was founded in late 2018. Our aim is to provide quick and easy ways to spend Nano from anywhere in the world. We source gift cards directly from stores so there are no hassles with codes not working.

We are slowly working out which gift cards, countries and amounts to list. We are always open to suggestions.

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